taking the world by storm

Oh La Vache is officially shipping worldwide and it’s just too exciting.

We’ve had an amazing response to shipping globally, I mean it’s not the cheapest and every time we have to fill out a brexit (cough) shipping slip, I combust a little inside! But, it’s there as an option and people are actually using it (you nearly had the word ‘expedition’ randomly in the middle of this paragraph, William is writing up a newspaper article for school and asked me if he’d spelt it correctly – as a parent who has spelling totally nailed, I still find it baffling when he blurts out a load of letters and expects me to be THAT good!)

I digress.

So, let your friends around the globe know that they can buy our amazing gear as well. Or don’t, things sell out quickly when they’re back in stock, so maybe just keep it all to yourself. But really, we’d quite like to reach a wider audience. So I implore you to spread the word….


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