About Us

Bonjour! This is all about us and we are OH LA VACHE – aka Bex and Laura – often known as ‘the Heifers’ and you know, we quite like it. At least we stand out!

We’re language teachers who are FOREVER frustrated by grammar in ALL languages but especially appalling grammar on t-shirts and prints!

We’ve worked together as teachers for what feels like AAGEEES but actually, when writing this we realised, is only two years!!!

OH LA VACHE was dreamt up whilst supping oat milk lattes in the sunshine at our favourite café The Flamingo’s Teapot. It’s currently run as a ‘side hustle’ alongside our teaching. Annoyingly, most inspo pops into our brain mid-teaching and then is promptly forgotten after we’ve had 240 children pass through our classroom.

If we could describe OH LA VACHE in a nutshell. It would be colourful, bold language wall art, stationery and clothing. With a focus on making languages less scary and more grammatically correct.

We have our own beaut Outhouse Studio in West Yorkshire and we’re currently teaching ourselves how to screen print for our clothing range (eek)

When not teaching, designing, printing or drinking coffee you’ll find us running around after our children, dogs and respective other halves!

Enjoy our site.

Bex and Laura xoxo

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