Oh La Vache!

What on earth? How does this make sense. I can hear your school kid French coming back to you….I’m sure VACHE means COW. So ‘oh the cow’ WTF?

For linguists – I’m sure you’re with me.

It’s the best way to say ‘OH MY GOD’ or ‘HOLY SH*T’ which quite frankly, our company needs that response – especially from linguists.

We also use OLV when we see something spelt incorrectly on a slogan tee or print. We die a little inside. My brain can’t comprehend how the big, corporate companies haven’t taken the time to ask a linguist and the IGNORANCE of a large proportion of the British island shines through.

We’re here to change that and it’s going to be epic. We’re officially the grammar police for all things colourful and lingolike.

I mean we’re going to aim high and say that we’ll be THE place to come for all language stationary, art and clothing.

Holly Tucker MBE told me in her book to #dowhatyoulovelovewhatyoudo and to reach for the stars and do it with style. New mantra. Let’s go!

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